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Portfolio of services

Internal Auditing

Our work here is focused in the components of internal control, including supervision and evaluation of risks and of information systems and communications, as well as all control issues. Internal Auditing is included as part of the system, in order to reasonably reach the goals and purposes of the organization, improving continuously through the efficient control of all processes, operations and activities.  Operational processes are also evaluated as well as the reliability of the financial information and the compliance with the applicable regulations, together with a comparison analysis with the policies established.

Fiscal Audit

We make special emphasis in the compliance of all legal dispositions and statutory standards, by analyzing and evaluating the internal controls and management procedures. We audit, the financial statements according to the auditing standards generally accepted in order to express and independent opinion on the financial situation of the firm.

External Auditing

As external auditors we audit the financial statements of the firm to express an independent opinion of the financial situation, or we carry out audits in specific areas of a company under previously agreed procedures, all according to the auditing standards generally accepted, both in Colombia and internationally, where we cover issues such as operational auditing and evaluation of controls and procedures.

Tax Consulting and Advisory

We focus in the operations of the firm, analyzing balances and the corresponding conciliation to reach fiscal balances. We provide the implementation of controls for the correct application of tax regulations as well as an adequate rationalization of taxes and financial resources based upon fiscal planning.
Requests for Tax devolution– Income – Sales tax (IVA)
Documentation process, request before DIAN, accompanying the tax officers visits, procurement of TIDIS.

Diagnosis on tax situation
An audit is carried out in order to learn about current tax situation of the client in order to prepare the diagnosis needed to base the fiscal planning.

Fiscal Planning

Guidelines for an adequate fiscal planning:
An analysis identifying opportunities that may affect the results of the company will be carried out for each of the balance accounts, in order to determine the tax.
Such analyses will provide schemes on the adequacy of the deductions, costs and expenses.

Answer to oral and written consultations: Telephone consultations, confirmed in writing when necessary. Written concepts provided as result of said consultations.

Review of the provision for income tax and opportune filing of tax returns:  The adequate estimation of the provision for income tax will be reviewed regularly. Nevertheless, for the annual fiscal and accounting closure, such review will be more detailed. Later on, and opportunely the private preparation of the income tax will be reviewed.

Periodical review of tax declarations: Such declarations will be reviewed focusing in the adequacy of internal control procedures, before and after, as well as on the information flow which served as basis for the preparation.

Advisory in answering claims, ordinary requirements, special requirements and any other requested information: Guidance in the form and content for the preparation o answers about administrative requests from entities in charge of taxing.

Training:  Tax requirements updating through seminars.

Financial and Administrative Outsourcing (Accounting, Taxes, Payroll and Staff Treasury)

Our work covers from the coordination of all the administrative and financial issues, payroll and staff management, tax management, invoicing and treasury, coding, digitations, data processing and analysis of accounting records, in our offices or at the client’s to the elaboration and interpretation of final results to enable decision making. Financial statements are done following the accounting standards generally accepted in Colombia and those accepted internationally.

Outsourcing and Overall Payroll Advisory

Our work covers from the hiring process of each member of the personnel, preparation of the payroll, providing the corresponding accounting receipts and social security payments to the actual payment of salaries.

The standards regulating this issue, its permanent updating, the need to construct salary scales and the degree of confidentiality makes this area a highly specialized one.

Management Consulting

Based upon our overall service philosophy and the attention to the requirement of our clients, we have established the area of management consulting covering services such as:

  • Legal Advisory – Commercial or Incorporated, Taxes, creation of new Corporations.
  • Answering to control and Vigilance Entities such as DIAN, District Tax Direction, Superintendence of Corporations and DANE among others.
  • Implementation of Quality Systems.
  • Internal Auditing Outsourcing.
  • Liquidation of corporation processes.
  • Advisory and follow up of collective wage agreements.
  • Fixed assets inventory and valuation.
  • Implementation of Policies and Procedures.
  • Transference Pricing.

In any area of specialty we offer the high quality and excellence of our professional services, because our strategic alliances with similar companies result in good economic gains, without affecting the quality.

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