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Our Professional Expertise

All our work is in charge of our Partner-Manager Germán Darío Herrera Triana, founding Partner and Certified Public Accountant of the Central University of Bogota, with great expertise in the area of accounting, fiscal auditing, general auditing, control, and taxing, who worked at firms such as Touche Ross & Asoc. Ltd. (today Deloitte and Touche Auditors); where he was responsible of supporting the Partner-Manager in the processes to settle controversies between insured clients and insurance companies; we also was the accountant in charge of Sumitomo Colombia Ltd., and “Lorillard Tabaco” under liquidation; Auditor of  Taxes carrying out reviews for the Skandia Group Colombia (“Skandia Seguros de Vida S.A., Skandia Seguros de Colombia S.A., Fiduciaria Skandia S.A., Skandia Pensiones y Cesantías S.A.”), “Rapiscol S.A.”, “Industrias Centrales de Acero Induacero S.A.”, “Cruz Roja Colombiana”, “Leasing Bogotá”, “Leasing Grancolombiano”, “Círculos de Lectores”, “Compresores Andinos”, “Editorial PLM” and “Printer Colombiana”, among others.

He also carried out planning and execution of fiscal auditing and external auditing for the Sumitomo Company, Colombian branch and the “Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario”; report’s writing and letters of recommendation to improve the internal control and fiscal planning in special tax auditing for companies such as “Transportadora Moderna Ltda.”, “Derilac Ltda.”, among others. He has expertise in the planning and execution of actions oriented to determine the compliance of accounting and taxing standards and their adequate implementation, as well as supporting before DIAN of all the tax devolutions and / or tax compensation, tax auditing, with previously agreed procedures and special reports according to such procedures.

Fiscal Auditor in “Induamercol y Cía Ltd.”, (Reyes Group), later Administrative and Financial manager in the same company; Fiscal Auditor for five years in “Finca S.A.”, and in “Avianca S.A.” (Santodomingo Group) he was responsible for the planning and execution of the annual auditing plan and taxing for the companies of this holding, Avianca S.A., Sam S.A. and Helicol (Bogotá and branches), designing the tests, procedures and auditing programs required for each financial and operating cycles, verifying the adequacy an implementation of the established policies and procedures.  He provided support to the fiscal auditing, the internal auditing and general auditing of the Santodomingo Group. He was also the leader, in representation of Avianca and Helicol in the team chosen to redesign the accounting procedures, together with the work team from   Arthur Andersen; additionally he was the Chief of Income Control. He was also the Accounting Manager for the Philip Morris Group in Colombia (“Philip Morris LASC, Philip Morris Colombia S.A. y Alimentos Kraft de Colombia S.A.”).

At the beginning of 2000 he founded the company “Ordóñez Herrera & Asociados Ltd.”, as the answer to the needs of the liquidation of the Colombian Branch of Philip Morris LASC, and with the purpose of extending his services to other corporations. Currently he is the Legal Representative and Liquidator of the Colombian Branch of Philip Morris LASC; the legal Representative of Samsonite Colombia Ltd.; Legal Representative of Marketing Services of Colombia Ltd.; Main Fiscal Auditor of several clients and member of several Boards of Directors, among other activities.

19 años

Carrera 49C No. 91 – 40
Bogotá, D.C. (Colombia)

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